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Shandong dichloroethane manufacturers for your analysis of dichloroethane properties

Issuing time:2019-01-23 10:37

1. Mainly used for vinyl chloride; Ethylene glycol; Oxalic acid; Ethylenediamine. Tetraethyl lead; Polyvinyl polyamines and benzoyl raw materials. Also used as grease; Resin; Solvent of rubber, dry cleaning agent, pesticide except early inulin; Caffeine; Vitamin; Hormone extracts, wetting agents, impregnating agents, petroleum dewaxing, seismic agents, also used in the manufacture of pesticides and drugs insecticide; Piperazine. Used for food in agriculture; Fumigants for cereals; Soil disinfectant, etc.

2. Boron analysis, oil and tobacco extracts. It is also used in the manufacture of acetyl cellulose.

3. Used as analytical reagents, such as solvents, standard substances for chromatographic analysis. It is also used in the extraction of oils and fats and in organic synthesis.

4. As detergent, extractant, pesticide and metal deoiling agent, etc.

5. Used as solvent for wax, fat, rubber, etc., and as pesticide for grain.

Dichloroethane hazard characteristics: its vapor and air form an explosive mixture, open fire, high heat energy caused combustion explosion. It reacts strongly with oxidants. High thermal decomposition produces toxic and corrosive gases. Its vapors are heavier than air, and can be diffused at a lower level to a considerable distance, where a source of fire leads to a backburn. In case of high heat, the pressure inside the vessel increases, and there is a risk of cracking and explosion. Corrode plastics and rubber. Flammability (red) : 3 reactivity (yellow) : 0

Combustion (decomposition) products: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen chloride, phosgene.

Stability: stable

Contraindications: strong oxidants, acids and bases.

Aggregation hazard: cannot appear

Fire extinguishing method: foam, dry powder, carbon dioxide, sand, mist water. If the substance or contaminated fluid enters the waterways, notify downstream users of potential water contamination and notify local health and fire officials and pollution control departments.

Leaking disposal

Evacuate people from the contaminated area to the safe area, prohibit unrelated people from entering the contaminated area, and cut off the fire source. Emergency personnel are advised to wear protective gear. Stop the leak while ensuring safety. Spray mist reduces evaporation, but does not reduce the flammability of leaks in confined Spaces. Use sand, vermiculite or other inert materials to absorb, then collect and transport to waste disposal sites for disposal. Also can be made of non-combustible dispersant emulsion scrub, diluted wash water into the waste water system after treatment, discharge standards. Such as a large number of leakage, the use of levee, then collection, transfer, recycling, contaminated sites for harmless treatment.

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