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Character use of hcfc-141b

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First, as 141 b

1. Clean the surface of plastic, metal, alloy, glass and other parts

2. Remove and clean the printed circuit board

3, plastic, metal, alloy, glass and other parts of the surface drying

In addition, hcfc-141b is designated as an ideal alternative to all halogenated fluorocarbons because its ozone layer damage is 1/10 of that of cfc-113.

Ii. Packaging and storage of hcfc-141b

1, use iron drum packaging

2, must be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place, avoid the sun and rain

Iii. Classification of grades of hcfc-141b

1, cleaning level: used in electronics, medical equipment, precision instruments, fingerprints, optical lenses, film negatives, and other industries

2. Foaming agent: used in polyurethane foaming industry

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