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As an emerging leader in the chemical market,Dongying Rich Chemical has more than ten years of industry experience, cooperates with customers all over the world, we enjoys a good reputation, and quality products, preferential prices and optimized services.Andsincerely welcome domestic and foreign customers have a good business cooperation.

Ourcompany is committed to finding a solution to the balance of interests between manufacturers and customers, so that both parties can make a profit and create a win-win situation. Ourcompany has established a long-term development strategy, constantly improve the service system, and strive to provide customers with safe, comfortable and reliable services. Integrate the excellent supply resources of the upstream, and provide our customers with high quality, low price, high quality and competitive products. An excellent sales and service team has been established to provide customers with zero-worry service and technical support; a high-quality, caring sales service team to provide customers with sales solution services. An efficient and safe warehousing team to provide customers with ample supply of goods.

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Propylene glycol

Dimethyl formamide

Dimethyl Carbonate

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Methylene chloride


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